2013 COR Season by the Numbers

2013 proved to be a fairly safe, somewhat affordable (in terms of racing budgets), and the most competitive boat racing season for the Classic Outboard Runabout class yet.

We had a total of...

> 14 COR racing boats
> 14 different drivers
> 14 different boat owners
> 12 days of competitive racing
> 24 individual heat races (4 to 20 laps)
> 16 clock starts
> 9 flag starts
> 214 laps of active racing
> 8 COR entries per race on average
> 10 boats at our Winter Nationals at Lake Ming

A big thank to you to all the officials, rescue crews, promoters (SCSC), APBA Region 11 & 12 officials, boat owners, drivers, crew, and families for supporting our sport. Also, a big thank you to all the Tech Friends of COR who help us get on the water and be competitive: http://corboatracing.com/boat-repair-marine-service

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Thanks to Kevin for suppling the high quality and very slick 2013 COR High Points Championship jacket. I am so pleased by the support from him and all the COR racers. What a great group of drivers, owners and family members.