So full face versus open face? I know there is much debate about the bucketing effect of full face helmets in a boat crash causing neck injuries, I just wanted to hear some different point of views on which way to go. I am assuming it is a driver choice and the class / apba does not mandate which way to go, if not please let me know.

Everything I have ever raced involved payment and dirt, motocross, motorcycle road racing, shifter carts, off road buggies, etc, so full face was the only route. In boat racing people have options. Most of the pics I see of the COR races the drivers are wearing full face.

- Walt

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Call Kent at lifeline and talk to him about helmets and jackets. He has years of knowledge and experience with boat racing safety equipment. Personaly I like a full face helmet, I wouldn't run an open face just incase you ever do come out of the boat or go through it your face/neck I feel would have some extra protection with a full face.

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I like a full face because it offers a lot of protection from spray--when you are running behind someone you might be forced to run in someone's prop wash, it can be brutal. Imagine someone directing a fire hose at your unprotected face. I have seen an "anti" bucketing strap system which might be helpful albeit cumbersome to attach and remove without help. Remember that the rescue crew may, at some point, may want to get to your mouth to provide CPR and the quicker they can do this the better your chances of not drowning are. Of course that could be used both pro and con for a full face helmet.


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SRP is an alternative source to Lifeline. As JJ mentioned, these guys have some good data. I am not sure which of the two companies are better. Being a motorcycle roadrace guy, full face is the way I go. I have only seen a few of the inboard wear open face in modern day. Http://securityrace.com/marine-safety/life-jackets/

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Many years ago I had an accident in a hydro, went through the dash leading with my jaw. I now have a row of lower teeth that have been replaced. I was wearing an open face helmet at the time. I now wear a full face helmet! APBA does not mandate either a full face helmet or an open helmet for liability reasons. APBA dictates in it's general safety rules (page 2 under resources) the color of the helmet and limits the paint scheme on the helmet. Best to check this out before buying and paying for an elaborate paint scheme. It also requires the helmet manufacturer pass certain test standards(eg. Snell) that are placed inside the helmet and subject to safety inspection at any given race. The APBA general safety rules also include acceptable life jackets. These rules are time tested for the safety of the racers. Rod