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How do I get involved?
The Classic Outboard Runabout (COR 2.0 and COR 100) classes compete under the Special Events catagory of the American Power Boat Association (APBA) and are managed as such with the assistance of the COR Chairman and other Directors.

Please feel free to contact us:

Mike Q: COR Chairman -

Greg B: Driver's Rep -

Dave and Tim C: Activity Directors - or

Kevin T: New Driver Mentor -

Emelio M: Safety Leader -

Anna T: Secretary

Rod Z: Class Founder -

Who promotes the races?
For APBA Region 11 races in the Northern California area contact Bill Boyes at 925-785-5859.

For APBA Region 12 races in the Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona area contact Ross Wallach at 310-318-4012 and Scott Schatz 951-403-7775.

How can I contact a driver or get information on the upcoming events?
You can join the conversation and gain additional information on our forums at:

How do I register for the COR site?
Please contact us directly at with your preferred user name and we will activate your account. Racers, river races, and fans are welcomed on the COR site.


I would like to make it over to Ming on Sat. but I cant stay all day do to a birthday party I have to go to . Does anyone have an approximate time the CORs will be running? I would love to stay and watch the whole thing but cant.
Jack [ hydroc888]

Our boat is no longer up for sale. Could the web-master please remove it from the classified section. Thank you, Thomas

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All set. Regards.


I sent a request to change my user name and password to: As of present, it has not been changed. Did I send it to the right source? If you can do it, please do or get hold of the person that can. Thank you very much.


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Mike, give me a call regarding financing for the year. and by the way, would you have a 30 inch bow lift prop you would sell or trade for a beautiful 26. I am hitting the limit (6100) on my opti 225. Rod

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Greg Ronkainen tells me to expect 6 or 7 COR boats at the upcoming Long Beach race. This will be one of Ross' first non-APBA races. I hope every one who can will support this race. The "88" boat will be running with in the COR field as a "SPORTSMAN". If there are any other boats out there that would like to compete as a Sportsman, give me a call. If you are OMC/yamaha or otherwise powered, give me a call. If you meet the safety requirements I believe I can "work you in" as a Sportsman. Don't miss the opportunity to race in the stadium before thousands of spectators. This is a non-APBA race. There is no annual APBA fee required to race. Rod (310) 488-3563