Life jackets


What are leagle jackets for cor2.0? Looked at apba and not very clear. Do we need to use a Lifeline or SRP?

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APBA has a set of requirements they will send you upon request, however both Lifeline and Security have jackets that are approved. I have several Lifeline chute jackets that I used in the past and I now have a Security jacket. Both are great companies to work with. Scream and Fly often have jackets for sale in their buy and sell section. I bought my Security jacket from them, like new and 1/3rd the cost. The last time I looked there were several Lifeline jackets for sale on S & F. Probably best to make an appointment with Lifeline, maybe spend a day at their shop and get exactly what you want. Rod

I was hoping that with the ''special events" , we could run just a regular vest with leg straps and not have to use a lifeline or srp.

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COR is a relatively safe class until something goes wrong. my motorcycle friends have a saying about road racing "dress for the crash, not the ride."