Parts and Accessories For Sale

Propellers, lower units, rigging, lifevests, gear, ect for boating and racing for sale.

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I have two 3 blade Yamaha style Props for sale. Excellent condition. They don't work well on my Stoker. I have worked on them, and they have very little test time on them. One is a 20 pitch, the other is a 24 pitch. I can say they do accelerate really well, but do not lift the bow enough to air out the Stoker. $275 each plus the ride Contact Kevin @ R&R Prop Shop 702 564 7502

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I am looking for a new prop for the 2.0 liter. How many rpms are your turning the 24? Maybe I can check out the the prop at the next race?

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Skip Euwing has a complete COR boat / trailer / engine / parts for sale. This is a beautiful and fast rig! If you want to go COR racing and you want to start on top, this is the way to go! His phone number is (760) 559-5104