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Updated: 13 min ago

Looking for a prop!!

4 hours 4 min ago
Hello! New to the forum and really hoping to be able to find someone with a prop for sale. I'm looking preferably for a 2 blade stainless steel 1" taper prop in the 11"-11 1/2" 15 or 16 pitch. Doesn't have to be a 2 blade just let me know what you have and a price please! !!

WANTED 29ft magic or levey mid cabin open bow

4 hours 52 min ago
Looking for an early 2000s boat in 30k range. I like the magic wizard but any mid cabin the has a closed cabin I would consider. Must be EFI and closed loop cooling. I sold my last boat and am ready to get a new on between now and fall.

1984 Hallett 21' sport cruiser

5 hours 39 min ago
1985 Hallett 21' mini day cruiser. 350 sbc with alpha out drive, brand new re-built competive trailer with disc brake conversion, boat is in excellent shape always housed inside and covered, very economical can ski cruise and tube for days!

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LSA Questions

7 hours 41 min ago
Time to pick another bumpstick. I know most marine cams are in the 112 ish range for reversion purposes.
I havent got a huge problem running my headers dry if I thought it would be worth it.
Approx. how much if any performance is being left on the table by goin 112 instead of 108* on say a 550" motor with approx.700 lift?
Does one typically have a flatter....or more boat friendly/one fwd gear torque curve?:)Unsure

July 3 & 4

7 hours 43 min ago
Tamara & I will be out with a few friends tomorrow. We should be on the water by noon from Sugar Barge area. Probably run SJR to Sac, up to Walnut Grove for lunch and back on the trailer by 4:30 ish. I will also be out on Saturday morning, leaving a friends house in Disco about 9am and run over to Nena's in Stockton for breakfast. I'm guessing we will have to stop at Windmill on the way back so we don't die of thirst. Probably launch on Sat from Disco.
Let me know if anyone wants to cruise along side or in front of me.

Corn Island

9 hours 51 min ago
little over a week away,anyone goin

syndicate tunnel hull any good ?

10 hours 9 min ago
are these hulls any good how do they compare to say a south wind or mach 1 , condor or ???


11 hours 2 min ago
Just wanted to give a thanks out to Dan. Got my parts yesterday, quick shipping and a great guy to do business with. Thanks again Dan.


3" Crower stack mechanical fuel injection

11 hours 3 min ago
I have a complete 3" crower stack injection for a bbc. I have a pump, front cover, pills, shut off and filter. The injection is currently set up for gas. The system is ready to bolt on. $3500 obo

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WTB: race pumps fuel pump

11 hours 3 min ago
I'm looking for Race Pumps brand mechanical pump. I need one for BBC and one for RB block Mopar. Any help or leads would be appreciated. Need both for carbed engines and regulators are a plus but not a deal breaker. My phone is 724 351-1093. Thanks for any help, Dan

WTB: JE place diverter

11 hours 40 min ago
Looking for a place diverter for a JE pump PM me if you got one.

Casale gaskets in Havasu?

12 hours 14 min ago
Is there any shops in Havasu that sell Caslae v-drive gaskets? I need midplate gaskets as well as bering cap gaskets?

Thanks for the help.

Wanted -- conquest deck boat --

13 hours 7 min ago
Looking for a 2006 or newer Conquest Deck boat with at least a 525 power package
Bill 702-845-4898

Hemi/Riviera Woodecker For Sale

13 hours 18 min ago
1981 Wood deck Riviera (Circle Boat)

This beautiful woodpecker is up for sale. This boat has just been completed and I will try to hit on the high spots or you would be reading for hours.

Wood deck done by Harlan Orin and the paint done by Billy B…in trying to keep the Mopar theme you will see some graphic comparison to iconic Mopar paint schemes. The boat was completely wet sanded and recleared twice. The last clear used was PPG Vibrance. The clear alone was over 700.00 just in material.

Let’s start with components. The v-drive is fresh from Bergeron after a complete overhaul..all polished with new bearings and Casale whirlaway is brand new. It’s a 10 degree box with 22 gears with ½” center plate. All Driveline components are brand new. All steering pulleys are rebushed and aircraft steering cable. Swedged ends on cable all to aircraft specs. The instrumentation is all new. It even includes a bilge pump. Although it DOES NOT leak a drop.

The engine is all polished aluminum Indy 526 Hemi. It started life as a High Performance crate engine (28,000.00) but after one run it had some issues with some flakes in the oil filter. The motor was taken out and given to Mike Montgomery and was totally gone through. No expense spared with new pistons, all new valve springs, retainers, locks…Re balanced and a new Milodon gear drive, deck the block and align hone it. New ATI balancer and new aluminum flywheel. Brand new Dan Olson all aluminum oil pan and all new MSD ignition system including MSD box. It also has a super nice install on a Powermaster alternator and heavy duty Powermaster starter. All new plug wires and Barry Grant went through the carbs. Brand new Mike Kuhl water pump... Headers were hand built by Bill at Qualafab and they are works of art. Equipped with mufflers for legal lake use and ceramic coated. Motor on the dyno made 730 HP with pump gas. Built for lake use it starts like stocker and runs great.

Cavitation plates and all equipment on the back of the boat are BRAND new..all turnbuckles and rod ends and thru hull. All parts bought from Bergeron. It has a BRAND new Bergeron prop and also Bergeron six bolt coupler to hold the shaft in. It sports a BRAND new Bergeron rudder also. I wish you could feel the down pedal action. Tim Ketlinski designed and built this pieces and it works like velvet…you can push the plate down with one HAND from outside the boat and move the plate well over and inch…and when you drive can put the bow in the water to the bow eye with ease. The alignment on all these components makes it silky smooth.

The complete install including all the aluminum was sent to EMBEE coatings and received polish and black anodizing. 90% of nuts and bolts are ARP 12 point. Over 1500.00 in ARP alone. All plumbing is Earl’s black and black hose. The engine detail is second to none. So thought out and made serviceable. Easy to work on and designed for both functionality and show stopping appearance.

The trailer is completely fresh. All new bearings and springs gone through with new spring bushings. All new fender pads and bunks made to fit the boat perfectly. Complete trailer was powder coated and then all outer surfaces that show were sanded and base coat/clear coated and rubbed and buffed for an outstanding gloss. All new wiring and lights. Tires are brand new also. Chrome fenders compliment it.

You will have to see this piece to actually visualize how nice this boat is. It is not built to show…it is built to use. Completely ready for the lake all the way to fire extinguisher. Practicality and beauty were the theme on the build and it shows from front to rear. I would highly recommend a plane ticket to Boise if you have interest.
The boat is priced at 58,700.00. With the owner in it about 120,000.00 he is willing to take a big hit. But he is not going to entertain much less on pricing…so if you low ball or think of making a low offer..please don’t waste your time or ours…Boat is in Boise, ID

For any questions please respond here or call:

Mike Minegar 208 863 2975
Tim Ketlinski 208 887 9834

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What's your favorite Super Car?

14 hours 13 min ago
I'm struggling to narrow my favorite down to just Horsepower vs looks...that's tough....

One or two sparks then nothing

14 hours 59 min ago
Here's the setup. I have the Holley HP EFI system with a small cap Mallory computer controlled distributor with an external coil. The motor barely wants to kick over but doesnt run. I had it running yesterday morning then it went into this condition. I've checked all grounds and etc and cant find any reason at all why there is one or two intermittent sparks. (some sparks seem stronger than others) Ive even taken ohm readings off the coil wire and spark plug wires. All the equipment is a couple of years old and very fresh. The only thing I can think of that might have something to do with the ignition was a crack in a plug wire boot on the distributor I found a month ago. There was some erratic missing that I fixed by wrapping the boot with electrical tape to insulate it before replacing. Could this have knocked out the coil or module? It did run for a couple hours afterwards but now its just one or two weak sparks and a few intermittent sparks while cranking.

Double Dare

17 hours 31 min ago
I'm the proud ( and slightly mad of course ) new owner of the 18' Taylor SS with 2 x 460 Ford engines, called Double Dare ( ex Quicksilver ) and would like to get as much history and early photo's as I can on this escapee from the lunatic asylum.
I've resisted renaming it with other names such as Double Trouble etc and am instead naming it " DEATH WISH ".
It's being loaded into a container for export to my home in New Zealand, where it'll cause jaws to drop for sure, as there's nothing quite like it over here.
So if anyone has any history / information / specs / photo's of it as Quicksilver or Double Dare, I'd like to hear from you.

eliminator 19 daytona full tunnel

18 hours 21 min ago
I just purchased a 19 Daytona full tunnel no centerpod, does any body no anything about these any history, Iam on the other boards been running v-drives runner bottoms to hydros, now getting into the outboards more user friendly.

Thanks Allen

4th of july?

19 hours 50 min ago
whats going on here in northern california near sacramento or wherever?

4th of july?

19 hours 51 min ago
whats going on in northern california near sacramento? or where ever?