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Lake mcswain fall fest

2 hours 35 min ago
This event will be the biggest Hot Boat Event in California this year. Merced Irrigation District and California Hot Boat Association are hosting this event on SEPTEMBER 13TH 2014 at Lake McSwain (east of Merced,Ca). This will be a BOAT SHOW on land and HOT BOAT runs on the lake. Flyer and Boat Entry Form will be posted SOON. The lake will be closed from 8am till 6pm on Sat. the 13th to the public for this event. This lake has always had a 10 MPH speed limit. That day the speed limit will be open for open boats only, to show their performance potential. Spectator admission is $8.00 per car YES ONLY $8 bucks not $25 or $35 and fee parking. Show is open to JETS, V-DRIVES, DAY CRUSIERS AND CIRCLE BOAT with trophies for all different classes. The show is limited to 50 BOATS. Already have 25 entered. Also a local radio station will be broadcasting live and food vendors will be there . Lots of FOOD, FUN AND SUN. 5 STAR camp sites available for reservations call 1-855-800-camp (2267). MORE DETAILS TO COME

Help me choose a boat

3 hours 51 min ago
Ok here are the details of my crew: Dad, Mom, and 1 year old son and possibly 2 year old german shepherd. Dad wants a fast boat that can also do tubing, wakeboarding and skiing. What I'm looking at so far are some used Baja 20-23 foot boats, as well as some checkmate 240 series boats. I found one larger baja mach 1 that is a 97 but I'm unsure of that age of a boat. My budget is 25k tops so I'm obviously going to be getting a used boat.

My history with boats are that I have none, and I wouldn't know the first thing about what's good from bad and what I should and shouldn't stay away from. My eventual goal is to get into one of the larger 27+ boats but for now I want to see if I like them enough to start investing in that large of a boat.

Any feedback is appreciated here, thank you.

How fast is your sanger super jet

3 hours 56 min ago
And what are you running for a motor?

Fuel orders for Long Beach Spring Nationals

4 hours 42 min ago
Please preorder your race fuel before this Thursday by calling them into Cristy at 562-432-3946. Due to limited space, fuel deliveries will only be available to be made Firday. THE FUEL TRUCK/TRAILER WILL NOT BE THERE ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks.

(949) 870-5773 cell

Fuel orders for Long Beach Spring Nationals

4 hours 42 min ago
Please preorder your race fuel before this Thursday by calling them into Cristy at 562-432-3946. Due to limited space, fuel deliveries will only be available to be made Firday. THE FUEL TRUCK/TRAILER WILL NOT BE THERE ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks.

(949) 870-5773 cell

Laveycraft SVL 28ft

5 hours 21 min ago
Boat was completely re rigged last summer. I'll sell the boat with or without the 525efi.
Here is a list of some of the new parts -
2007 Sealed Merc 525efi 18hrs with motor mounts front and back
New Imco SCX/SC drive with Imco actuator
New Imco extension box with Gimbal Housing
New Imco steering
New Merc trim pumps
New control cables
New battery's & switch
New bilge pumps
New back up camera
New Seat Harness
New Livorsi gauges
New 4 track Heads up indicator
New intercom system
New switch panels/wiring
New ventilation System
Triple axle trailer with electric over hydraulic brakes
Lifting harness to lift boat off trailer
Colors are in the gel coat, no paint Attached Thumbnails      

Scarab SCS - 23'

5 hours 51 min ago
Beautiful boat. Amazing. Runs perfect. Turns heads every time I drive it.
Pretty rare, I'm sure you know that.
1997 Scarab SCS, 23.8' long, Kevlar and carbon fiber body.
454 Magnum engine, rebuilt in 2009, with receipts. Outdrive has IMCO external steering, outdrive was rebuilt due to early signs of an aging gimbal bearing in late 2011. New upholstery last year, all white, new through-hull performance exhaust and risers.
Comes with Aluminum tandem trailer. Boat no longer has the "Rat Now" on the sides. And just from sitting for awhile this year, it'll need a good detail job and some loving to bring it back to the shine that it has in these pics.
Twin batteries with battery switch, one new battery and one is getting weak.
New Audio system
Mercruiser Racing Prop.
Few random items like LEDs in the gunnels that are white and red-controlable color, depth finder, also a red LED plug light that is a cool idea but not great in the brackish waters I run in, if you have clear lake/coastal waters, it'll be awesome.
I have receipts for all work done. Engine rebuild, Outdrive rebuild, Audio, upholstery. Handles like a ferrari on the water with the hydraulic external steering.
I absolutely love this boat, I've only put around 30-40 hours on it in the past 5 years due to working overseas. Boat has under 300 hours total on it. This boat was just serviced and ready for the water, new intake manifold, oil change, water pump, impeller, and general servicing. Comes complete with all required safety equipment, a grey boat cover, .
For cosmetics, it has a couple spots on the top where I was lucky enough to find some gnarly bolts at various public docks.
Clear title, boat is in Jacksonville, FL. Best thing to do is call at Nine Zero Four - 625-2084 or email me at shawnwynn at I will also be checking the site for PMs. I dont get on here much, just now and then for some casual reading.
Price is $14,000 obo. Attached Thumbnails          

2010 Placecraft jet for sale.

6 hours 44 min ago
Selling my Peterson Placecraft, minus the engine. It has an MPD low profile intake, Berkley pump with AQ shaft, jetaway, Mills pop off valve, Calgo steering, digital 7 ignition. The bare hull weighs 390 lbs. Located in central California. Call or text for additional info or pics. $22,500. Or possible trade for the right 21' Daytona.

tunnel hull design

7 hours 3 min ago
Im in need of some advice.
When some hear my idea, it might sound crazy but here it is.
I want to take a flat bottom jon boat style boat and add runners on the bottom to creat a tunnel hull (w style).

What all is there to know about tunnels as far as what to do and what not to do?

My boat will be a 20' long by 60" wide bottom.

I will drop a small runner on each side and then a wider center one where the intake will be.

I will be running a 425hp 383 stroker and a Berkeley 12 JC

Expensive to race?

7 hours 15 min ago
There have been a couple of comments about boat performance directly related to the racer having $$.
And spoken my direction.

I can only say the amount of $$ that appears to be is not always the case. It's quite possible some of us are more resourceful and or skilled than others. Or even just more determined.

I completely understand someone looks at this deal and the first thing that comes to mind is big $$. If they leave with the same thought they don't know us at all. Not even close.

We are running a 1981 Model Daytona that we paid 7,000.00 for. Traded for the bottom work.

We have a nice engine but *TRADED* for it. And traded something we had pretty much 0 dollars in. We machine and build everything ourselves. Dillon and I. We torched the block and both heads early this year. The welder charged us less than 200.00 to weld it. Dillon and I stripped the heads, stripped the block of sleeves. Machined and reassembled it ourselves. We missed on one sleeve it didn't hold the head gasket and we did it all over again. Rings and bearings went right back in.

This is beating the dead horse but the turbos we run cost $650.00 each brand new. Ebay throttle body and hat. Aluminum piping $100.00 range welded up ourselves. The headers Mark unchained built for us twice now. We are WD -20 with Comp performance Group. F.A.S.T. being part of that. Our electronics cost less than a MSD 7 and Edelbrock datalogger. We run CNG injectors that cost $25.00 each.

Our LS coils came off of a core LS engine via Tom impatient1 We built our own cam sync, rebuild our own Calgo etc. etc. etc. The engine had Jesel Dog Bone lifters in it. one or two were feeling rough so took them out and put conventional tie bar lifters in it. $3,000.00 to replace just the lifters. Not happening.

If we were a throw $$ at the boat, race team, it would have a Mike Miller, DNE, Steve Morris etc. engine in it. We wouldn't stay in the race trailer for 2 to 3 weeks here at the shop so we can work on the boat after hours.

When we load up to go racing it's Dillon, me, my wife Sharon and 2 dogs. We are tremendously blessed with God opening doors for us with ability and technical help from many people. We can't do everything ourselves but sure try.

If you made it this far down the rant, we are humble simple Christian folks that absolutely do not have the $$ to do what we do if we had to pay someone to do it. We are just Blessed.


Indians dont like Ted... Really

7 hours 28 min ago
Haven't these Indians ever herd the song "Great White Buffalo"?

Two more Ted Nugent concerts axed

July 25, 2014, 9:58 AM EST
Controversial rocker Ted Nugent has lost two more casino concerts amid a row over his right-wing beliefs. The musician's show at the Coeur d'Alene casino in Idaho on 4 August (14) was axed earlier this week (beg21Jun14) after the venue's Native American bosses took offence to his "hate-filled remarks", claiming they had booked him for a gig without knowledge of his "racist attitudes and views". Nugent has now also had two shows at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington cancelled. Lawrence W. LaPointe of the Puyallup Tribe which owns the casino, tells Seattle's King5 News, "Racism is intolerable and not acceptable here... (We have been receiving) lots of complaints from the community and other organisations (about Nugent's concerts)." The shows had been scheduled for 2 and 3 August (14). After the cancellation of the Idaho gig, Nugent accused liberal activists of attempting to sabotage his career, telling, "They literally have an army assigned to destroy Ted Nugent. To call me a racist is a clear act of desperation. Because everybody knows I'm not a racist!" Earlier this year (14), Nugent issued a public apology for calling U.S. President Barack Obama "a subhuman mongrel".

Two more Ted Nugent concerts axed - MSN Music News

Prop release

7 hours 47 min ago
Stevo143 do you have dimensions on the prop release your working on just overall length and circumferance I looked at an orig algon on The Bandits boat and it was to big and the length was to long for my app. couple pics I have a strut brace behind the coupler thats close approx 6 " Thanks Wild Bill Attached Thumbnails    

puting hat on motor need set up help

8 hours 13 min ago
need to no how you guys are plumbing an injection set up up with self primer and what di i need thanks

running a hat on motor need set u help

8 hours 15 min ago
how are you guys plumbing them i want to run the self priming i dont want tosquirt the bottle in every time i want to start it thanks and what all do i need

Engine to ratchet coupler.

9 hours 19 min ago
I am getting ready to install a ratchet in my lake boat. 88' TX-19 Condor 600 hp 477. I don't want to move the motor any further forward than I have to. (love the interior space). I know I should set the pump back but that is not in the cards. I will be changing the Glenwood 4 point mount to a rail kit.(I will be calling you Tom@JBP when I get all my ducks in a row). My question is what is the shortest way to hook a BBC to a ratchet. I'm already running a 1350 h-bar coupler without a pto flange. Can I run a the back half of a 1310 2 piece with a pto flange running only a single u-joint. I have seen other pictures with 2 short shafts with an adapter in between. Any ideas, pictures, manufacturers would be appreciated.

Header/Engine Porn pics

9 hours 21 min ago
Picture thread for engines.

[For Sale] 2006 Chevrolet 2500 HD Duramax 4X4 (3LT)

13 hours 57 min ago
- Only 31,000 miles

Factory Options
- Allison Transmission
- Sliding rear window
- Bed rail protectors
- HD trailering equipment
- Rear seat entertainment (DVD w/ wireless headphones)
- Gray leather bucket seats
- Dual power seats
- Locking Diff
- 3:73 gears

Aftermarket Options
- 6 inch lift with Fox reservoir shocks.
- Snug Lid
- Bed Rug
- 1-year-old 35? tires
- Weld Racing chrome wheels

Truck is located in southern California, Whittier area.

Not stored outdoors....

$38,500.... firm Attached Thumbnails  

Prop vs drag flats

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 23:18
Curious about the prop location on a drag boat vs circle boat. BS'ing with my son since he has our old Sanger 17'-10" gullwing flat back in his possession. Before he blows it apart for new stringers, etc. we were discussing drivetrain measurements. My Kelron Spitfire is about the same length, and our v-drive locations are within 1/4" of each other.......however the back of the strut barrel is a surprising 6 INCHES different. The Sanger is 26" from the back edge of the cav plate, my Kelron is a whopping 6" further forward at 32"! With drag guys tuning their setups with the thickness of a nickel, why is the circle boat so much further forward? Are all the Biesemeyer / Bezer / Barron Sprints / Etc. that far forward? Jocko


Mon, 07/28/2014 - 21:59
I have a roll of this but I don't know much about it. any info. on its use and purpose would be appreciated. thanks Attached Thumbnails