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Rv a/c

1 hour 44 min ago
anyone in the RV know, im lookin to buy a travel trailer and was wondering if a 13,500 BTU A/C unit is sufficient to cool the trailer down in havasu 120* weather or atleast maintain the trailer around 80*s? we rent over at cattail cove and they require the AC to run 24/7 for the week when were out there in late july - early august. not sure what BTU those RV's have.

Do the math ...

2 hours 14 min ago
You spend enough time on the road you start thinking of the strangest things.
Like how long I have sat in the drivers seat of my current truck. It has about 155,000 miles on it and just to make it simple lets just say it was all at 60mph. That's ends up being 2583 hours. Divided by 24 hours equals almost 108 days sitting in the drivers seat.
Here is another. At 1750rpms the motor's crank will spin 105,000 an hour and after a 10 hour trip it will spin more then a million times.
If you take the 2583 hours and times it by 105,000 revolutions per hour my truck's crank has spun more then 271,215,000 times.

1978 Crusader Mini Day Cruiser

2 hours 53 min ago
21ft 360 Chrysler motor 300 Chrysler out drive + spare out drive. Hasn't been in the water since 2011. Its in good overall shape but will need some work to get back in the water. I need it gone to make room.
In Sacramento, CA.

$1200.00 obo Attached Thumbnails        

New border patrol for river, killer catfish

6 hours 32 min ago
I hear they have a flesh appetite. Attached Thumbnails  


8 hours 28 min ago
Hello, I've got four good clean holley 1850 carbs. Two with horns and two milled off. I would like to trade for two good holley 660 center squirters. PM for pics. Thanx for looking, Mel

bassett t-valve (new)

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 18:26
my price $60 brand new in box

Bassett Racing T-Valves, Springs, & Balls
Part Code Description Type Finish Price 5300 BR-TVALVE-73 Control T-Valve Water Stainless $ 85.00 5301 BR-SPRING-87 Replacement Spring ----- Stainless $ 7.00 5302 BR-BALL-88 Replacement Ball ----- Stainless $ 7.00 * All prices are subject to change.

mercury bravo 1 prop 26p

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 16:55
slightly used 4 blade mercury bravo 1 prop, was spare for my 25' domin8er deck. 400.00 310 508 6414 in long beach Attached Thumbnails  

Looking for Nor Cal Sub Contractors(Sac area)

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 13:39
If anyone is a commercial sub contractor (all trades) or has any contacts and or references please contact me via PM Thank you.

V-drive oil pan

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 12:49
I'm selling a pan I will not be using. Fits a gen 4 block. Comes with pickup. Has 2 repairs,(see pics). Has multiple trap doors and can hold a lot of oil. I had the drain plug welded in. $150. Also have a gen 4 front cover. $30. Parts are in chino hills ca. Prefer not to ship pan. Thanks! Attached Thumbnails          


Trains, Planes, Cars and our Favorite Boats !

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 11:54
Trains, Planes, Cars and our Favorite Boats !


This past Sunday we enjoyed a crisp blue skied day and we decided to head for the water. We loaded up the suburban pulled it to church and right afterwards made our way to Lake Dora. The Harris chains are our usual haunt but we decided to venture to a new place. As we scooted along the water at 60 miles per hour I do have to say my face got a bit of a chill but we were soon docking at the waterfront in Tavares.

Since it was lunch time we checked out a new eatery O’Keefe’s Pub right there as you step onto dry land. We’ve passed by O’Keefe’s many times but weren’t sure if it was family friendly or more for adults. As we checked out the menu on display posted next to the front door a kindly patron shared that there was a children’s menu and families dine all the time. There was a nice table under the overhang and we sat with a beautiful view of the lakefront. The service was quick and friendly and the food was delish. Definitely a return trip will happen soon.

The train was running from downtown Tavares and families were crowded around lined up for a ride. The boys enjoyed some ice cream after O’Keefe’s right next door. The guy at the ice cream shop shared that O’Keefe’s had been in business for 50 years on the Tavares waterfront so they must be doing something right. The inside of O’Keefe’s is a quaint pub atmosphere perfect for a date night without the kids. After our lunch we took a ride through the Dora Canal and back the birds were all out sunning themselves wings stretched out to dry them off and take away the chill.

Soon it was time to head back to the dock and when we got there a crowd was gathered all snapping pix of the amphi-cars there were five it was pretty cool watching them drive in and out of the water. We see this group of amphibious car drivers often on Lake Dora. Just as the cars were clearing out a sea plane was coming down the ramp and getting ready for takeoff. The crowd loved it.

It was an afternoon full of planes, trains, automobiles and boats!

We hope your next adventure in boating is as interesting as ours and if you go by plane, train, car or our favorite boat check out O’Keefe’s on the Tavares waterfront a perfect spot to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Done Deal

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 11:40
Well it"s final the Hurricane is loading today heading to new home Orlando Florida made final deal yesterday going back to Harleys trading boat for custom bike made arrangements SEXY II going to good home there Wild Bill Attached Thumbnails  

Texas lawmaker under fire for Facebook post on Muslim Capitol Day

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 11:31
Texas lawmaker under fire for Facebook post on Muslim Capitol Day

Nice job Rep.Molly White! Although the muzzies and libtards are giving her hell on her FaceBook page. If you have FB, you should check out some of the replies, especially from the muzzies.

Engine Misc BBC parts for Sale

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 11:00
2 Callies Comp star BBC 4.250 Crankshafts.. One is STD/STD and one is 10/10.. The 10/10 has never been run since cut... both are internal balance. They sell for 840.00 new will take 475.00 per Crank or 900.00 for both...
8 Carrillo BBC H beam Rods 6.135 length and Carr7 bolts.. Needs to be checked and maybe big ends reconditioned... 600.00
3 Fluid BBC balancers.. 2 are external balance and one is internal.. 250.00 ea for the external and 200.00 for the internal...
Lost a cylinder wall in the block which made it so I now have 7 almost new Oliver I beam billet .250 long rods with 7 SRP 4.310/12.5 comp pistons. Not pictured but could take pics if wanted.. 1000.00 or Make offer. I am selling this stuff for a customer but I will respond to any Pm's as soon as I can..... Thanks... Attached Thumbnails      

torque converter eliminator for powerglide to olds 455

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 10:54
Does anyone know who makes a torque converter eliminator for a olds 455 to a powerglide? The boat that I recently bought and that I'm going thru (rebuilding) has an eliminator in it but it's torn up. It looks like someone drilled holes in the mounting flange to make it work. I've tried searching the Web with no luck. I wanted to use this combo for awhile to save money to build a bbc since the olds has everything needed to run but a coupler. Thanks for any help.

**********69 Sanger Shovelnose Hydro************

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 10:36
1969 Sanger Shovelnose Hydro for sale Hi there this is my first post as a new member. I am selling my 69 Sanger Shovelnose hydro it has a inboard rudder. It is a 17'10 shorty. I am selling the boat and trailer only no engine. The boat is one of the heavier hulls it weighs at over 600 lbs and it is very stable even rough water. I have the original bench seat that goes with it. It has 8 gallon gas tank. The boat has a Sanger mechanical tach that is attached to the v-drive which is a 12 degree casale box. I have 3 sets of gears that go with it 18,22's and the 25 that are in the boat. It comes with 2 different height holding rope deflectors. It has a alagon wirlaway 1 inch stainless prop shaft a steel rudder and a 11-1/4-17 Harold Kindsvator 3 blade cleaver prop that pops the tail up very well. The boat and kill switch is wired for a magneto so it would need to be changed for a regular distributor. The trailer is the original VM tandem axle that I have modified by removing the fenders to launch the boat easier. The boat passed tech when I took it to the races and the boat ran 105 + at lake Ming and Elsenore. If you have any other questions call me at 760-580-seven nine eight nine Ask for Moe. Asking $6500.00 Thanks

Attached Thumbnails  

Cole runner bottom ?

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 04:39
I spoke to a guy that has a Cole for sale and he called it a T-2 rather than a TR-2. When I asked if he meant TR he said NO, that it was a T-2. Followed that up by telling me it was some special deal they only made 2 of and that the entire bottom of boat was wood instead of fiberglass. I never could get any better pics of the boat or even a single pic of the bottom but from what I can see, it just looks like a TR-2 to me. I'm going to look at it this weekend regardless but has anyone ever heard of anything like this or is this just a TR-2 and the guy doesn't know what he has? All help is appreciated! Thanks

Charger / Taylor 1970 bottom design questions

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 20:36
I bought a boat in September of 2014. It is titled as a 1970 Taylor. I have heard it called a Charger. I was reading the "Cool old Ads" thread and posted some comments on there. Around page 37 there is an ad from Taylor explaining they recently acquired the Charger molds.
Post 512 from Terrible Toy sheds some insight

This recent "Hondo ??" post stirred some discussion about the bottoms and got me thinking

So I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this boat or the bottom design etc. In my opinion it has outer chines similar to the Hondo (and many other designs), but no center runner. The bottom actually has a very slight V, which I know was common of the era. I attached a variety of photos of which I hope can demonstrate the bottom from different angles to some degree. The previous mentioned "Hondo ??" thread states it is the first tunnel design. Now to me this design appears to be one big wide tunnel as opposed to the two smaller ones found on the typical runner bottom design. I jokingly refer to this as the predecessor to the "runner bottom" design. Or part of the evolution to what became the popular "runner bottom". There are some old photos of which I scanned and some newer ones I took. This is a boat my Dad built in 1970/71, raced in 71 - 73. And sold to the guy I bought it from in April 1974 when I was 6 years old. So I have some interest in figuring out the past, but it is not the end of the world. My Dad has since passed, so I can't ask him. Just pointing that out because that seems like an obvious source. I have posted some comments, history and questions here and there about this boat over the past 6 months or so. If I had been better prepared I would have tried to tie them all together. But the more I get into the boat with maintenance and repairs, the more questions I have.
Thank you for any comments, input or questions you might have,
Darin Attached Thumbnails          


2 speed Owens 30 split

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 19:42
Fresh 2 speed sprag Owens transmission
$700 Obo Robb 512-913-7070

BBC Zoomies/eBay

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 18:48
Seems like someone is always hunting for a set of these...

Bassett Racing Headers BBC Water Lines Drag Boat Zoomie Dragster 2 1 2 Chevy | eBay

Look fair and could be bought right. These are not mine, just saw the ad and figured a PB guy might need them.

Brodix BB-2 Plus APBA Heads

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 18:16
Here is a nice set of Brodix BB-2 Plus APBA heads. These are fully ported by Douglas Porting in Michigan, nothing wild just a very nice mild port job. This includes Chambers, intake, and exhuast. I am open to sell these either bare or complete.

Complete they include the following-

Brodix/Trick Titanium Moly coated Titanium Intake Valves.
Manley Inconel Extreme Duty exhaust valves
Isky Titanium Retainers
Isky Locks
PAC 1505 Springs

These have very little run time on them and are practically like new. I have two sets of these. I would prefer to sell both sets together but I am open to selling them separately.

Bare- $1500 ea.
Loaded $3000 ea.

Attached Thumbnails