APBA Approved Helmets


This is somewhat of a recent change (I think 2012) with the APBA Safety Rules.

Helmets must meet the specifications set forth by any of the following: American National Standards Institute, Inc., Snell, or military specification helmet designedformilitary aircraft —Mil-Spec helmets (CGFLA100, LH050, LH150, LH250; Gentex HGU-84/P), Peltor helmets (Rally Pro Helmet ENECU 04 or 05) are acceptable.

1) The upper fifty percent (50%) of the helmet must be a single color of the following: yellow or fluorescent (high visability) yellow or lime green or orange or international orange or fluorescent red.

2) Half-shell and 3/4 type helmets are not allowed.

3) No image recording devices may be attached to helmets. Empirical data is showing that when the camera does not disengage immediately upon water impact
it can lead to a neck injury. The camera acts as a keel and creates drag using the neck as the fulcrum.

DOT (Department of Transportation) only approved helmets might not pass. The inspector will be looking for the Snell approval. Always check the most recent APBA General Racing and Safety rules for the latest safety requirements.