Race Schedule & Events (2014)

2014 Boat Race Schedule & Events (TENTATIVE)

Region 12
Nov 29-30 -- Bluewater Casino, Parker, AZ (SCSC)

Feb 6-9 -- LA Boat Show exhibition only

Mar 8-9 -- Puddingstone Lake, San Dimas (SBRA)

Apr 5-6 -- Bluewater Casino, Parker, AZ (SCSC)

May 3-4 or 17-18 -- Lake Ming, Bakersfield (SCOA) **tentative**

Aug 2-3 -- Long Beach Marine Stadium (SCSC)

Sep 12-14 -- San Diego Bayfair -- select classes only

Oct 4-5 -- Lake Ming, Bakersfield, CA (SCSC)

Oct 24-25 -- Parker 336 Enduro select classes only, $1000 prize money

Nov 28-29 -- Bluewater Casino, Parker, AZ (SCSC)

Prop Fest & Test (TBD)

Region 11

Region 11 had thier fall meeting and set a tentative 2014 event schedule:

Feb 8 -- Spring Meeting - Region 11 APBA Awards Banquet

Mar 15-16 -- 
Time Trials - Oroville, CA (Non COR Event)

June 14-15 -- 
Rancho Seco

July 11-13 -- 
Sparks NV - Sparks Marina

July 26-27
 -- Copperopolis CA - Salt Springs Reservoir

Sept 27-28 
-- Copperopolis CA - Salt Springs Reservoir

Oct 4-5
 -- Stockton CA - Stockton Rod/Gun Club

Nov 2
 -- Region 11 Fall APBA Meeting

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July 12 13 Sparks N.V JULY 26 27 Salt Springs Sept 27 28 Salt springs OCT 4 5 Stockton deep water channel These would all be good race courses For the C.O.R BOATS . Take a look at them an see what you guy think. It would be really nice if we could have at lest two races in R11 If we could. Let me no so i can contact the clubs.Lonnie

Im Thanking about some prize money for the C O R boats this year in R11 right now i have 5000. 00 winner take all for combine points over 3 or 4 races. what r your thoughts on this. Lonnie

Capnzee88's picture

Lonnie, Your idea of 5000.00 prize money is a great idea! It will certainly add to the "spice" of COR racing and will ensure that interest grows especially in Region 11 and 12. Right now we have a fair amount of good competition in the COR class but several of the boats are dominant. The other boats, including mine, are simply "fillers" but without these boats there is no show. Winners are easy to get, it is the "fillers" that are hard to come by. My recommendation is that you make an attempt to attract the "fillers" by spreading the available funds. Once the fillers get the feeling that they are not going to make the podium, they will lose the interest in driving the distance and you lose the "show" you paid for! Just my .02 cents worth but it worked when I was running 6 liter hydros in Region 12. I know you would like to see 10 to 12 boats running at your races and so would I!. Rod

Just looking for Ideas to get some C. O. R Races down here what about Tow money maybe that would help

An your right Rod the mid pac runners is what makes the class but i would like to see some races here in R II. So what would it take to get you guys down here for 2 or 3 races this year Lonnie

Capnzee88's picture

Lonnie, I think a little of both your ideas are good! Most of the guys love racing in region 11. Bill and Kay Boyes, Frank Banducci , Jean and ALL THE REST OF YOU have been more than fair to all of us. The more we race to the North, the more chance we have of the COR class growing towards Region 10 and expanding in Region 11! I would like to see a North / South race put on one day at Bakersfield! Rod

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The new proposed point and scoring system will help bring parity across regions. Points would be given by days of racing as opposed to number of boats. So, I think the R12 CORs will want to travel to a few R11 races. Prize/tow money helps. Although it would be single points under the proposed scoring rules, we could have a promoters/sponsors bid for a COR "Nationals" or "Divisionals" and make it special event.

The nationals would be nice to have at Bakersfield Thats a great place to race An its right in the middle between R12 an R11 An i will work on some tow money an prize money an Mike may be you can help me Figure out how to split it up.

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Sounds good. Maybe we can pay the top 5 boats... So if we had $1000 it would be $500, $250, $125, $75, $50. We can also try to raise some money down here.

All Marine WILL Sponsor the prize money in R 11.An the tow money . How ever it works out. Maybe we should ask the C O R Racers on here to see what they would like does not mater to me what ever it takes to get them down here for 2 or 3 races I would like to have full field 10 12 boats like the good old days THAT WOULD BE GRRRREAT TO HAVE. IM going fishing to day we can talk later thanks Mike for ur input

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That would be incredible Lonnie! One thing we did not discuss at the meeting was sponsorship packages. I would like to offer sponsors top billings on this website, at the race site, and maybe on the boats if we can get the other owners to agree. They did a similar package at the Enduro, and everybody had to run the Teague Mariner decals on there boats.

Mike sounds good to me just let me know. an talk to the ather drivers an get there thoughts an we can go from there.What i need is to maybe get some kind of head count on who is willing to come down here for at least two races an i will get a hold of the clubs to put us on the sation .an then i will start getting the money to gather

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I added the R11 races to schedule above. I think a key word here is "tentative" at least for a number of the R12 races and maybe some of the R11 races based on history? I imagine a number of the R12 races might not happen due to limited club budgets and volunteers. Keep me posted on any schedule updates in R11 and I will do the same in R12. Last year we raced 4 weekends (8 days) in R12 (plus many of us ran the Enduro) and 2 weekends (4 days) in R11. I think 6-8 weekends of racing would be a full schedule for most in 2014 with a similar split.

Thanks Mike now that we got the ball rolling i will get to work. An i will let you know as soon as i can about the races here in R 11. An just to let you guys know we pick up one more C O R boat in R11 That gives us 4 Boats here im building a motor for the new guy this winter. Take care an talk to you soon Lonnie

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That is great news in Region 11! Curious whether you think Sparks is large enough of a lake for a COR race? I was trying to get a straightway length on google maps by that is difficult, as you can imagine.

bill boyes's picture

We ran a tri angle course. On the GPS it measure just under one mile.

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Can you share or suggest which R11 races COR will be on the sanction?

bill boyes's picture

Most likely all of them, Except Minden which the first turn is just too tight for a COR boat.

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As the races dates approach and sanctions are firmed up, let's use this site to inform drivers and build entries. Let's get some racing going on a regular basis in R11 and then we can grow to other regions as well. The more safe COR racing we can get in, the better.

Mike i did not go last year. But heard it was a good race course. I will make a phone call tomorrow an find out. For you You won high point Good for you its a good feeling when all goes well cograts. Lonnie

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2014 region 11 event dates

Sunday, November 03 2013 @ 06:37 PM PST
Contributed by: RENEGADEP28

Region 11 had thier fall meeting and set a tentative 2014 event schedule:

feb 8th
spring meeting - region 11 awards banquet*

march 15th & 16th
time trials oroville ca*

may 31st & june 1st
nicolaus ca - lake minden resort*

june 14th & 15th
rancho seco _ new venue*

july 11th, 12th & 13th
sparks nv - sparks marina*

july 26th & 27th
copperopolis ca - salt springs reservoir*

sept 27th & 28th
copperopolis ca - salt springs reservoir*

oct 4th & oct 5th
stockton ca - stockton rod/gun club*

oct 18th & 19th
nicolaus ca - lake minden resort*

november 2nd
region 11 fall meeting**

I just read on my e-mail entitled "COR Annual Meeting" that Ron Hill, to whom I have respect, wrote and I quote, "Salt Springs is a great race, but realistically, it's 20 miles from at won that doesn't care about boat racing", unquote. I'm sure he meant to write, "from one that doesn't care" and that he was undoubtedly referring to us. I believe he wrote this in response to a post I made (Shoreline) on "Boatracingfacts" in the COR section, entitled COR Meeting, November 2, 2013 at Hill Marine. I think Mr. Hill should re-read my post. What I said in essence was, "we do not care about points or championships" therefore, we are apathetic to whatever rules are put into place". Nowhere in that post did I say we did not care about boat racing, quite to the contrary, we are very much looking forward to the upcoming season. If any of you haven't read it already, it might interest you because it addresses my 40+ year perspective in both racing cars and boats on RULES. After 40 years of racing and ultimately winning some championships in that time, we're only racing this COR boat for FUN and to help your COR club with boat count.

I think what Ron Hill wrote in his e-mail was not fair because it effects Lonnie Morris. Lonnie is a very good friend of ours and is taking this COR racing seriously. He is a very competitive man and can only do good things for the COR club with his enthusiasm and ideas. He did a lot of good deeds for the Modified class in Region 11 in the past.

By the way, I have been informed there is another person who now owns a COR 2.0 boat other than Lonnie and us. That makes 3 COR boats in Region 11. As I see this, it now appears COR is under the strict guidelines of APBA with it's rules and point system. Therefore, if Region 11 has 3 COR boats at any and all of it's Region 11 races then they will be rightfully scored as APBA points towards a championship. Kind of puts a bit of a monkey wrench into the equation, doesn't it? Maybe things have changed since the days when I used to race boats under the APBA banner, so I might be wrong about this.
But even if I am, how fair is it to make anybody who is interested in racing a COR boat anywhere in the Western region come only to Southern California/Arizona to race?

Personally for us, we will make the Bakersfield and Long beach race, but I can't see any of the Region 11 COR members who are interested in points and/or championship being able to afford the expenses of traveling down south for all the races, even if it's only six to be scored.


007's picture

Thanks for your note. My goal is to welcome all boats from all regions and I am so pleased to have you all in Region 11. I know some may not like it, but back yard classes die, so it is my intent to make COR available for all Regions.

Regarding points, I am still in talks with the APBA. Nothing is finalized. It looks like there are few things we are learning as we go National. 1) 3 boats to make a race 2) 4 or 5 boats are needed to earn National APBA points (TDB from our SE Chairman) 3) all "points" races count as "point" races. so which races will be points races still need to be determined. For instance, the Enduro and the Elsinore will not be points races. 4) Since our Nationals and Divisional will be single point races, the issue of "where" is it is not as big of a deal. 5) It is looking like Long Beach will be our Nationals since that is the venue for most other Nationals, classes who choose other locations other then Long Beach may not be invited, and they have the largest amount spectators. The one factor we are missing is tow and price money.

Capnzee88's picture

I fully understand that APBA requires 3 boats to make a race. I am totally confused however that it takes 4 or 5 boats in a given race to acquire points. This must be something new in APBA because in the past it took X amount of boats to make a race and all boats competing in that race received APBA points. ????

Jim we have 4 boats in R11 right now im building a motor for the 4th guy this winter he is all fired up about racing COR boat he has all ready put down a good deposited. An im working on one more guy hes just a may be right now but i think once he drives my boat once he will be hook he runs poker runs only right now.

007's picture

Thanks Lonnie. That is the way we can further build this class. How great would it be if we had the largest class in all of APBA? Wonder how many boats that would take... maybe 25 or 35?

007's picture

I was told all categories have a count of 4 or 5... something higher than the 3 boats to make a race for National points, so 3 guys don't go off and have a bunch of races in some remove area while others are slugging it out with a much higher boat count for the same points. I need to do further research to valid this before I respond further.

Capnzee88's picture

I believe you will find that what ever number of boats a category requires to make a legal heat, as an example (4) four, that same number of boats is eligible to receive APBA points. The rules on points are generally governed by the categories themselves. The general rule is three (3) to make a race. As the inboards award 100 for first, 95 for second, 90 for third etc. etc. As of the last rules meeting, it is my understanding that we will award points in accordance with the APBA points system of 400 points for 1st, 300 for 2nd??, 275 for third and so on (I'm not exactly sure of the points sequence but I'm not far off) All COR boats who compete should be eligible to win points that are in turn awarded to the boat owner. In the event the boat is co-owned, the points would be awarded to the owner/driver. To be eligible to receive APBA National points and have them recorded, the owner must be an up to date member of APBA.

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As discussed on multiple occasions, APBA's standard program gives points to the driver by APBA membership number. Some of this may be new with the new online points system.

STV_Keith's picture

Mike, is there any way around this? If not, that means that each boat driver must be the driver for the year if they have any intention on contending for points.

So if Kevin wants to give me a go at it for a weekend, he essentially doesn't get points for the races? What about the Carranza's? Since they co-drive, they will never be in the points hunt because they are sharing the points their boat receives?


007's picture

Yes. I have been speaking with Tim and Dave... Also spoke to Kevin briefly, so I think we have an idea on how to do this in situations where we have two drivers. Also, this works for drivers like Emelio and John who put multiple boats on the water.

In stock an mod the points goes to the driver of the boat. An to get national points in stock you have to have 5 boats start the heat an in mod you have to have 3 boats start the heat. Now for my 2 cents.Ive Been a commander of East bay boat club for a few years. I no that a 3 boat field dont pay the bills. I would not even ask one of our clubs to put us on the section if we only had a 3 boat field. I WANT the clubs to make money or at lest brake even off us or why would they put us on the section. So that why AllMarine is put up prize money an tow money for the races we have here.So i say at lest 5 boats to get national points.But 10 15 boats in a heat is even better.An im going to do everything i can to get at least 6 boats here in R 11

007's picture

Good points Lonnie. And in R12, the issue might soon be that COR is competing with others classes to be on the sanction as our inboard boat counts are increasing as the economy improves. If we can put 10 boats on the water, a club might rather run COR than another class with less boats.

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Revised R12 Race Schedule. See above in main post.

What happened to the races here in Region 11? I thought Lonnie had scheduled some races to be on the "COR" program up here. As I remembered the original "tentative schedule", it had 3 or 4 races in Region 11. Has the club as a whole, now decided to exclude the races in Region 11? If so, this would mean three Region 11 members (boat owners & drivers) would have to make the 18 hour or more round trip down to Southern California/Arizona with it's associated expenses to race all of the COR races.

Since we're really trying to promote this class of boat racing, I should think in a small token of respect to us it would not only be financially fair, but ethical as well for you guys to have at least scheduled two of your races in the Region 11 area.

If you don't agree to my previous paragraph, other than the fact you simply do not want to incur both the expense and time of racing in Northern California, please explain to me where I'm wrong. Thank you.

007's picture

Lonnie has posted the region 11 schedule above. Maybe Bill can help us with which water is right for COR sized boats and where will COR be put on the sanction by the race promoters?

Well, I did see Renegades P 28 contributing R11 schedule that you (3030) posted, but I do remember on the home page in the past a schedule which had combined both Region 12 & 11 together. I thought this schedule would have been very balanced and productive with big boat counts.

After reading your response to my post, I can only assume now in your quest for national class status with APBA, all of you will be racing in Region 12 and the three COR members in Northern California will be racing in Region 11.

As I said before, my family isn't interested in points or championships any longer , but we do like to race and with as many competitors as possible which in turn makes the whole concept of racing "FUN"!

What I know as of this moment, it takes three boats to make a legal APBA class for points at a Region race. I haven't read anything anywhere to the contrary other than a lot of speculation on this website as to the number of boats it takes to make a legal class.

So far as I understand it now, while the three of us battle it out for the same amount of APBA points up here in R11, you seven or eight or maybe even ten will be battling it out for the same equal amount of points in R12. This is a big problematic reason for going to a national class with a national association.

Hasn't COR raced under the banner of a "local class" with APBA in the past? What was so distasteful in continuing with this status? Why are you charging into a national class at this early stage? How many Regions in this nation have COR boats and how many boats in each region? My guess would be on the average of maybe three in possibly three or four regions. So in essence, for those who are solely interested trying to become a APBA National Champion will be doing so racing against other Regions who may have only three boats at best.

From what I have gathered, it was Rod Zaph who started this COR thing as a local class. I would imagine it was for the sole purpose of having fun racing a boat that was economical and relatively safe. This is what got us involved with COR, a local class inside a local club. I personally think it should have stayed local (California) and was hoping the club along with it's new member acquisition from NorCal could have made a schedule where it would have equal amount of races in Southern Cal and Northern Cal which in turn would have produced a full field of 10 to maybe 15 boats.

APBA was once a great national association back in the early years, but it's lost it's luster. Yes, their trying to bring it back to it's once glorious years with new ideas, but in reality, the interests in America have changed drastically and boat racing isn't a formidable interest to the vast majority anymore.

Anyway, I for one, wish COR could have stayed the way it was originally intended. The boat count was growing and considering that of APBA standards probably the largest growing class in America. That's because it was simple and fun. I would imagine during it's inception, it's members were there for just that purpose and that's what attracted new members, not the ego of winning a National Championship.

Capnzee88's picture

You make great points 757, all of which were thought of in the early days of COR. You now have 3 COR boats in Region 11 and I am quite certain that you can come up with a fourth. This is not the answer you were looking for, but I am certain that you will have a few Region 12 boats showing up at your races if for no other reason but to "chase" points. You can count on a few others travelling North for the FUN of racing in region 11. In the past few years we have always been treated well by your race sponsors making it much easier to travel the distance. COR boats don't need "special" water to race on and you in region 11 seem to have plenty of it. Wish we could say the same down here. With the drought conditions being forecast things could only get worse. My recommendation for region 11 is to put the COR classes on all of your schedule of events, then make certain that region 12 knows about it. It adds absolutely no cost to add COR to your sanction, whether you run them or not! This being done through the COR website, BRF,com, and a few phone calls etc. As in the past I will do what I can to recommend Region 11 as one of the "friendliest" regions on the west coast! If you get only one or two of your local racers and one or two from Region 12, you will have a race. Your local groups hopefully will gain interest in the COR boats and you will gradually become self sufficient. In the mean time, 4 boats make a class and winners receive the same points whether you have 4 boats or 10 boats. Not interested in points? some will, and in the mean time those of you interested in having fun: we have sent a number of COR 100's your way and I am awaiting the "pick-up" of a 135 Evinrude to help build your class. If your drivers can get the idea that you are all out for the fun of racing and winning isn't everything you can run the 100's and 2.0's together as was originally planned as a "starter" in the early days of Cor races. In short, put the COR classes on the schedule and the racers will come. Work on your own, keep up the interest and you will succeed! If I can help to support your races from this end, I will do!
Bakersfield is a great mid-point. There will be at least one race this season at Bakersfield. Maybe we can have a north-south "showdown!" Rod #88

Your reply did put things into perspective. Thank you!

007's picture

Simply put, COR can race anywhere in the country and in any region as long as we are on the sanction. I am happy to add all the region races to schedule. Just needs to understand which ones. I will call Bill next week.

007's picture

Tentative schedule been updated (see above). Please check back here as we get closer to dates and as the sanction get closer to being final.
Final APBA sanctions govern the actual race times, dates, and formats as well as who the named officials. For those who have not yet had the opportunity to meet Bill Boyes, he is the R11 Chairman running the who in that Region. Looking forward to COR growing in that region and keeping the class safe and strong in numbers.

Capnzee88's picture

Region 11 is back on the way to recovery as Frank Banducci dodges another arrow! Frank was in the hospital with a dangerous batch of pneumonia and more of the stuff that hits us old guys. The nurses all love him as he calls them by name. He is looking forward to getting out and getting his COR 100 together for another run at it. Hang in there Frank we all love you and pray for your complete recovery. Rod

I don't really care where the races are at as long as I get to race in my home town Stockton CA and in Long Beach CA. It would be nice to race in my home town and rep the 209, but I just want to build, prep, practice, and race. I just want to be safe and have fun. If I have to travel out of state it looks like I'm bringing my sleeping bag and laying in the boat. I don't care. I just want to have fun, race, have a beer after around the camp fire and do it again. I'm willing to travel to So-Cal and AZ. Tent, pizza and a roll of TP. I'm all for it. There's a lot of places we can race up here. We have the Delta, and a crapola of lakes. Big enough too. I don't know all the politics side of it but, I'm down for whatever. Can't wait. Hope to see you guys out there too, and soon I hope :)

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The following is a summary of RPM and SCSC races in 2015, if we add the SCOA marathon in April and the Parker Enduro COR boats will be busy.......

2015 Racing Schedule
(Note: Some races are still tentative)

Sprint Boat Racing Schedule:
November 28 & 29, 2014 - Blue Water Resort & Casino 67th Annual Thanksgiving Regatta Presented by Hotboat.com (SCSC)www.scscracing.com www.apba.org www.hotboat.com

March 7 & 8, 2015- SCSC's Winter Regatta Presented by Hotboat.com Lake Ming, Bakersfield (SCSC)
www.scscracing.com www.apba.org www.hotboat.com

May 2 & 3, 2015- Blue Water Resort & Casino, “Spring Classic” Presented by Hotboat.com Parker, AZ (SCSC) www.scscracing.com www.apba.org www.hotboat.com

August 8 & 9, 2015 - ARP Long Beach Sprint Nationals Presented by Hotboat.com, Long Beach Marine Stadium - (SCSC)www.scscracing.com www.apba.org www.hotboat.com

September 11, 12 & 13, 2015 - Bayfair, Mission Bay, San Diego, CA (RPM)
(Unlimited Hydroplanes, WFLS, SSRA, WPS, Crackerbox, GNRA, Comp Jet, Stock Outboard, etc.) www.scscracing.com www.apba.org www.hotboat.com

October 24 & 25 (Tent) 2015 -SCSC APBA Last Chance Shootout Regatta Presented by Hotboat.com, Lake Ming, Bakersfield, CA (SCSC)
Note: (All Regular SCSC Classes) - Tentative
www.scscracing.com www.apba.org www.hotboat.com

November 27 & 28, 2015 SCSC's 69th Annual Thanksgiving Regatta - Blue Water Resort & Casino, Parker, A
www.scscracing.com www.apba.org www.hotboat.com

Propman's picture

So we could have some close race dates: April 25,26 Marathon racing and the very next weekend the Spring Classic in Parker: May 4th and 5th.

Also the "Last Chance shootout in Bakersfield" will directly conflict with the Parker Enduro.

It is too bad that COR racers will have to chose between the Enduro and the last points race in Region 12.

Perhaps, it's a good problem to have.