Parker Enduro 2015

COR boats are well represented in the Parker Enduro. I just checked the current entry list for the Enduro and it looks like (potentially) 6 division 4 boats have entered. Of the nine boats currently entered 8 are mod vp boats with only one flat bottom inboard entered thus far.

With the rule changes on tap for this year, I expect a poor turnout, it would seem that racers want to race and are less likely to pay good money to participate in a contest to see who can get there on time.

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Despite some motor problems, and some strong competition from Mike Lapaglia, father and son team Rod and Eric Zaph, and the Firemen, Bandy and James, not to mention the "good ole boys" from OK, Team Stone, Team 234 managed the win in Division 4.

Lapaglia, was top qualifier at 8:40, followed by Stone, Zaph, the 234 boat and the 343 entry. At the start, Lapaglia drove away from the field and looked unstoppable putting together a string of sub 9 minute laps with the Gibbs prepared STV. The veterans of this race will be quick to point out that it takes more than a fast boat to win this race. It takes preparation, strategy, some good pit stops, and a fast boat that is still running at the end of the day. Perhaps Mike might add another item to this list, that is, a good crewman, that knows how to operate a stopwatch and a radio.

Kudos to the Zaph Family for mounting the surprise entry of the weekend. The 88 STV ran strong with Rod's son Eric at the helm for the first and last leg, perhaps there are some good boat racing genes in his blood. Rod, put that guy in the HST and get him in a COR race. (Just tell to stay away from that yellow boat, and he will do fine!!)

Congrats to all of the COR guys, Keith, Bill, Rod, Eric, Tim, Rick and all of the crews that support the boats, I am proud to be a member of this family.

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I didn't mention the rest of the COR family at the Enduro Greg and Emilio. They mounted a strong effort in Div 2, but spun a prop on the last leg, they put a new prop on upriver and finished the race in third place. Perhaps I should have said the contest, not the race, since it really was a contest to see who could come the closest to the eleven minute mark with out going under....the eventual overall winner was in div 2, I found that hard to take at the awards presentation---that is a 75 mph boat participating in a 65 mph class taking home $2500 and the "overall winner trophy" what he really won was the stagger--that is he had 9 laps in the books before the starting gun was fired.

prerace talk
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Well the COR boys did our class proud. First, second and third in division 4. Third in division 2. Third in division 10. We placed
7th, 8th, 10th 11th and 18th overall. Awesome guys. And if Emilio and I hadn't spun a prop with 5 laps to go, losing three laps, we could of had a very good chance of an overall win. The old #128 Sleek came through as a COR Sportsman Class runner .

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Congratulations to you Greg and Emilio for keeping the Sportsman Class vision alive. Hopefully we can get a few more Sportsman running on the closed course tracks.