Neutral safey switch


I've been told that most of if not all of the COR boats start their engines in gear. Easier on the lower unit? I have a stock Mercury control box. Can I and how do I disconnect the neutral safety switch Thanks Keith B.

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kEITH, If you open your throttle control box you will see a micro switch, cammed to the throttle/shift. simply disable this switch. It has been awhile since I have done this so maybe a more professional or more simple approach such as cutting a wire may be made by someone. I would do my best to never shift the engine into gear while running a S/S high pitch prop. The COR engines generally idle at a higher rpm. This advice would include shifting into reverse while engine is running. Rod

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On a Mercury control box, the shifter is set up to disconnect the the yellow w/red stripe wire when the shifter is in gear. This will make the starter disabled when in gear. If the wire were connected wether the shifter was in gear or not, the motor may be started in gear. Of course, I would "never" suggest that you do such a thing since you may "inadvertently" start your engine in gear and crash into some unsuspecting boater who will summarily sue you and anyone foolish enough to suggest such a thing.

Sure glad I don't live in California

P.S. Make sure that you don't unhook the lanyard, the black w/yellow wire should still ground out and kill your ignition when the lanyard is pulled, which is a requirement in the COR class and APBA.