Thanksgiving Day Race videos from Surfrat - Heat 1 Friday starts at 1:33:00. - Heat 2 Friday starts at 0:15:15

STV_Keith's picture - Heat 3a Saturday starts at 1:41:40


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Hey Mike, I think you need to have a sit-down with Larry Ambrose the announcer. That guy screwed up our class so bad, I was standing on the trailer shaking my head.

"California Outboard Racing" and "California Outboard Runabout", calling "Larry Bandy" and even Greg Belda and the 29 boat when it wasn't even registered! WTH was that guy smoking. He did the same thing at Long Beach this year.


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Im not a huge fan of that guy either. Its seems as though something has been lost now that Ross handed over the mic to him. Ross used to know all of the back stories behind the racers and boats and added that in to the commentary, it made it alot better for the crowd to get involved. At Long Beach my wife was very close to going off on him, it was my first race in the 45, he was talking all kinds of shit over the mic about how bad I was.

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Yes. Lots of stuff to discuss. I had shared a few pages printed from our website at Long Beach but that did not help much.

It would be helpful if one of the COR guys would take the lead on putting together a one page card... (did you see the sheet the Comp Jets had at Parker?) boats/drivers on one side... about the class on the other. That would be a good starting point and née way to further promote the class. Any takers?

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I might have to get the info off the "drivers and boats" section. The weather here has turned bad for fiberglassing anyway.


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With Thanksgiving and the old year behind us, let us look forward to a wonderful Christmas and a new and safe New Year! The 2014 calendar seems to be full of events for the COR class and interest from new folks is growing. Remember to be "kind" and helpful to all of the "newbies" as they are sometimes prone to making driver errors, or perhaps you may perceive them as errors. We want to make all of the COR owners/drivers feel comfortable as
they look forward to a New Year and the next COR race. Rod

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In the spirit of the season as a new years resolution I'd like to remember to live by the Golden Rule, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Merry Christmas to you and your families.

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We missed you both at Thanksgiving. Looking forward to some more good racing in the new year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the COR families!


let's treat it as growing pains [and he sure is!!] and hope 2014 will be better!! thanks to all who share and contribute, and have a Very Merry Christmas and a Fun-filled New Year!

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Happy Holidays! See you all in the new year.