Race this weekend?

Considering there is a race this weekend it seems pretty quiet in here. I'm not even in the class anymore so I don't have much to add, but I do enjoy keeping up on the goings on leading up to a race.

It seems eerily quiet being a few days from an event?

Bueller? Bueller?

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I think people are heads down getting ready. I expect there will be a fair turn out at Puddingstone. We have at least 4 new drivers actively building new boats. I know a few of them may not make this race but they are planning on the next. I know many of the drivers have been working on their stuff so I expect the pack to be very close.

Drivers need to be aware and consider a safe zone around their boats. Be careful where you place your boat on the course we, all need to work together to keep ourselves out of harms way. We needs to keep our eyes opened for other drivers and be patient when planning for pass. These boats are fickle and can catch you out.

With that said, I wish all the drivers a fun and safe race. Please respect the referee's judgement. If anyone has an issue where you are not happy with the judgement of the officials, please follow the appeals process outlined in the 2014 COR Rulebook. I have spoken at length with the APBA and they will not be making any more exceptions.

The SCOA race director has accommodated us with more time on the water. His officials are all volunteers. Let's make sure we show our respect and appreciation.

I'm planning on making a few of the races down there, but I would like to know if any of you guys down South will be making the trip up North to race in Region 11? We can't afford ($$) to make all the races you have scheduled in Region 12. Personally speaking, I can't justify owning a race vehicle,whether it be a boat or a car, only to race it 2 or 3 times a year. I would be grateful to know if any of you guys are willing to race up here. Right now it looks like only two boats up here, Lonnie and ourselves.

Thank you,

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I would say yes. R12 COR drivers have a three year history of making races in R11.

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Just finished installing my Nitrous on the 343 and had a thought. Are we going to provide some sort of mini bio for the drivers and boats for this weekends race. I think the announcer would appreciate it and the fans might enjoy it. Also maybe a brief history of COR and the direction we see our class going/growing wouldn't hurt.

Can someone throw out a format to follow for the mini bio's or if your not to busy trying to squeeze more speed out of your ride give some feedback. Thanks Keith B.

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Keith. Please tell me you are joking about nitrous and only inhaling it, not putting in your motor. That is a big NO, NO.
Any time you want my bio, let me know. The real bio about boat racing is Rod's. Ask him.