Have an EGGcelent Easter

Enjoy my Colored Eggs. Happy Easter COR family. God Bless.

Everyone have a happy Easter too.

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Happy Easter.

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Any news on the COR ruling?

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The class provided our input. Scott has the lead on presenting to the Dutch who will present it to the APBA Board.

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We have, as a class, added our safety input to the "safety committee" headed by Scott Schatz. This committee, under the direction of our APBA Special Events chairman, Dutch Squires has been in session for several months and has left the COR owners, drivers and potential racers in question as to the future of our class. This approach is literally "killing" interest in the class as the owners have absolutely NO INSIGHT as to what the future holds. If this is the plan of the safety committee, then so be it--they are doing a fine job. I believe that our SE chairman needs to make some demands of his committee or form a new committee that would act immediately and at the same time correspond with the COR chairman who would then be able to up date the class. There are APBA clubs that are looking for our support and we in turn are looking for some transparency from APBA. As we were one of the fastest growing classes (and one of the only growing classes) in APBA, I believe that answers are in order--If the goal is to drop COR, Which I don't believe it is, then get with it! Rod Zapf,

Rod, in my opinion as I stated some time ago, is after the tragic crash at Puddingstone, APBA is quietly hoping that we "do" lose interest and simply fade away. This in effect would resolve APBA's "fictional" problem with the COR class. If there was truly a mechanical safety issue (which I firmly believe there is not) with COR boats then it would have been resolved a long time ago.

Also from which I have stated before, if what happened at Puddingstone was in essence the need to suspend the COR class, then I submit they should suspend the entire inboard class, save the capsuled hydro's. I make this statement in earnest because as tragic as it is, people have lost their lives in these classes even as late as last spring at Parker in a flat bottom. Yet, I haven't read or heard APBA suspending the flat bottom classes. Have you?

This pseudomorphous "committee" to resolve the "problem" is nothing more than "smoke and mirrors"; otherwise there would have been updates by APBA with what "they" considered were definitive problem areas in this class. Asking COR members to submit what they think would make the class safer tells me this is just a "dog and pony show" to appease COR members. This also tells me they haven't any true conviction at promoting this class to a national level. Basically, their lack of leadership to regulate should cause absolute apprehension by all involved with the COR class.

Bottom line, boat racing holds danger as it's close company more than any other motorsport. It always has been and always will be. You CANNOT expect to turn the level of safety of boat racing to that of NASCAR. It is NOT only physically not feasible, but the cost factor alone would surely be the demise of boat racing as a "sport".

I made my prediction and time will only tell if if I'm right or wrong. If this class is to be reinstated it will most likely come in some form of a huge cost, either monetarily or with formidable restrictions or both. Neither of which will be suitable for us. I for one, haven't any great expectations for this class anymore.

In the end not all is at a loss owning our COR boat, it's deck has turned out to be a good parts table for us when we work on our race car. Ha! It now has a useful purpose other than to just look at it!

I know I'm new here and I don't know all the politics involved, but I think we just need to stay more positive in the situation we are in. lets not focus on the negative here. We have people wanting to race at there events, fastest growing class, and more and more people getting involved. If we focus on negatives and bad mouthing people and groups or whatever then no positive will come of it. I think we just need to keep moving forward and not let this get us down. I'm still rigging my boat with Lonnie and moving forward as well as should everyone else. Lets keep are heads up and test and get ready. have a happy mothers day and I will see everyone when we're released. :)

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Great points James. I am busy getting my stuff back together, once it is together, I will be out testing.

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Elsinore this Saturday, north east ramp off Main street. COR speed exhibition. Be there in the morning. Run what you brung.

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Can't make Sat test date, have to work. I will be testing Memorial weekend at the Bandyland test site. All Cor family are welcome for course testing, fun and some coldeez . By the way Bandyland is a no whine zone. Call for more info.

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The Bandyman can! Memorial day trip down to the compound with the suck and blow rig sounds like a good idea.