Im back (sort of)

Came across this boat this weekend while strolling through craigslist, price was too good to pass up. I don't plan on racing COR at the moment but I will be prepping the boat for the 2015 Enduro 336.

Its a 1990 Caliber 1 202 Stinger, apparently its a Baker bottom with Caliber's top deck. Boat has been inside most of its life, gel coat looks like new and the colors and graphics are surprisingly current for boat from the 90's, no pink or teal :)

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Some things never change, can't get pics to post here!

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I had the same problem, I resorted to cutting down the resolution. There are a hundred web sites that will allow you to do this for free, or download a program that will do it. Try NCH software, or if you have Photoshop do it there.