Long Beach Race

The Long Beach Race is a month away. Has anyone attempted to contact the race coordinator to find out if there's is a race and are we invited. My family and I are trying to plan a trip to the emerald island. I'm trying to figure out a way to get the Baker over there to do some international testing and scouting in the Atlantic.
Keith B.

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I talked to Ross yesterday and everything is a go for Long Beach. He wants driver info for the program asap so forward on to Kevin or me. Rod is not coming, so it is the four of us and a new driver that we are working on getting a boat for him. I am still waiting on an invite to Bandyland.

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This is a call for racer information for the Long Beach Race. Every year that we race here, Ross puts together a program with information on the class, as well as the racers in it. If you forward the information to Kevin@randrpropshop.com it will be printed in the program. We are looking for a racer bio, how long have you been racing, where do you live, what do you do when you are not racing, who are your sponsors....it would be good to find a good picture of you or you racing your boat.... do this quickly, or I will be forced to ad lib ......and it won't be pretty..

Who's is in?? Emilio and I are planning on it, in fact we are doing a little testing tomorrow as he has got his mid-section, and jack plate completely redone. I'm thinking he will be THE guy to beat in Long Beach. Don't Miss it.

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I made a short video compilation taken from the 234 at Willow Beach. Emilio and I were out for 2 to 3 hours. The new parts and setup worked well on Emilio's hotrod, but, at least according to Emilio, it still isn't fast enough. It has been brutal hot and I expect that has a lot to do with the lost of speed. Still it is fun to blast around Lake Mohave and we always draw a crowd when we pull up on the beach.

This is the link:


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45 Bros & DelTaco are offering to be the joint safety inspectors at Long Beach. Let us know if you are interested? Regards.

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I think that is a great idea and thank you.

Do we have enough boats/drivers and are we officially on the race schedule. I'm waiting to take Sat off.

Thanks Keith B.

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For those of you not able to make it to the race here are some links to videos from the shore and the water

From the shore heat 1

From the shore heat 2

From the front of the 234 Heat 2

From the front of the 234 Heat 3

I didn't realize there was some salt spray on the lens which seemed to cause a haze in the videos

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In the first heat we lined up with Keith in 1 Me in 2, Greg in 3 and Rick Barron in 4. I managed a good start, and came out of the first turn just a bit ahead of Keith, I manage to put some more water between us by the end of the first lap (Video starts here)Final places in that order Kevin 1, Keith 2 Greg 3 Rick 4.

In the second heat we all moved in, except Keith who went to 3. I had the inside lane and a reasonable start, when the flag dropped I kicked the Stoker in the butt, and never looked back. Greg and Keith had a dogfight for second with Greg holding off Keith until the last lap when Greg took the turn tight and Bandy went wide and carried some more speed into the straight and took the number two spot from Greg. Finish order same as the first heat..

On Sunday, Emilio joined the mix for a total of 5 boats. The lanes were arranged Greg 1, Keith 2, Kevin 3, Emilio 4, Rick (the Rookie) in 5. Keith managed the best turn in the first corner, keeping Greg "hemmed" in lane 1 and me and Emilio on the outside. He ran a good race from the front staying in lane two. I tried to chase him down first trying the outside and then the inside without real success. Order Keith 1 Kevin 2, Greg 3, Rick 4 and Emilio who had some fuel delivery issues in 5.

In the last heat it was Emilio in lane one, me in two, Keith in 3, Greg in 4, and Rick in 5. We had a good start, and I carried some speed onto the back straight, enough to get a good lead and protect it. Emilio and Keith fought hard for second, Emilio passed Keith from the outside for the #2 spot. On lap 4 or 5 Keith had some fuel problems and did not finish. That left Greg and Rick in the number 3 and 4 spot and Keith with the DNF.

There was lots of good tight racing and with the two corner bouys about 10 feet feet apart it added another dimension to our normal pattern of starts and getting through the first turn safely. All the drivers should be commended for their skill and professionalism.

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Attached are photos of the "Flying Fin" and the recently constructed Crash bars on both his GMT and his Sleekcraft that Rick drove at Long Beach. It would seem there has been some unofficial criticism of the legality of said crash bars. I can produce similar pictures of my boat/Bar and Emilio's Bar as well. We all sincerely appreciate your concern for our safety. Hopefully, these pictures will put your fears to rest.