John's Custom Marine set to close

A Statement from John's Custom Marine :


After more than 45 years, John's Custom Marine will be closing at the end of this year, not out of necessity, but because change is an inevitable part of everyone's life. John is ready to retire and Al is relocating to another state, both anxious to start a well-earned new chapter. At this time, a new business owner has not come forward. Our loyal customers have always come first, so anyone needing a recommendation for parts, service or repair during this transition period, please give us a call at 714-827-7920 and we'll do our best to steer you in the right direction. Please check back to our website for additional updates and recommendations. Words are never enough, but you have our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for nearly a half century of business and friendships.

John Stoker, Al Stoker and the entire John's Custom

John's custom marine will be winding down as the end of the year approached. All four molds : 20 SST, 204 SST, 22 SST, and 224 SST Stern Drive are for sale and can be bought as package deal.

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Best wishes to John and Al.

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Wow, the end of an era. Best of luck in the future for the JCM crew.


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John and Al congratulations! You both played a huge role in the Outboard business/Racing. Good luck in your next endeavors.

Keith B.

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Al Stoker has played a big part in the success of COR racing, he has been helpful to almost anyone, even if you weren't lucky enough to own a wishes on your next adventure Al. Personally, I hope it has something to do with Mod VP boats. Best wishes to everyone at JCM.

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Really hate to see all that talent call it quits, but totally understand their situation. Best of luck to Al and his crew for future.


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Seeing the shop emptied out was sad. The years of history, parts, expertise and equipment they had accumulated was extensive.