Go Boat Racing

How do I start boat racing? Here are a few simply steps to get you and an outboard runabout on the water.

Explore the Rules
COR 100 is the lowest cost way to get started. Find a 16-footer or so powered by an older Mercury inline-6, Evinrude/Johnson/OMC V4, or others that meet (Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda) the rules. Check the COR 100 rules.

COR 2.0 is the next step-up. Find a 19 foot or longer powered by an older Mercury 2.0 liter (usually a 150hp V6) or many others that apply. Check the COR 2.0 rules.

Find a Boat
Locate a race boats for sale here in our Buy and Sell forum or on Scream and Fly. You can also visit the new boat manufacturer's websites from our Links page.

Learn about Safety
You’ll need a helmet that meets current safety standards and a certified life vest. Both Security Race Products (SRP) and Lifeline Jackets are two sources.

Download the full the APBA General Safety Rules for complete details.

Attend a Race
Check the upcoming COR boat race schedule, then come along to watch or bring your boat if you are ready.

Test the Waters
Join the APBA under “Special Events” for one event or one year. Get your new APBA Membership Number at no cost or obligation. You can later download the APBA Membership Form once your are ready to enter your first race.

Ready to Race (Entry Forms)
Download the APBA Race Entry Form, complete and send it to the race director (RPM Racing, 1803 Morgan Lane, Redondo Beach, CA 90278) or bring it the race event.

Annual Weight-In Form
Download the Weight-In Form, complete and it to the next race event for inspection and signature.

Other Questions
1) Post your questions in our Tech Talk Forum
2) Send the webmaster an email at info@corboatracing.com
3) Contact Rod Zapf, COR Class Chairman, at (310) 376-6392, (310) 488-3563 cell or rod@corboatracing.com
4) Contact Ross Wallach, Race Director, at (310) 318-4012 or rpmracingent@yahoo.com.